What is PeSIT?

PeSIT is an open file transfer protocol often associated with Axway.

Like Sterling Commerce’s proprietary NDM file transfer protocol, PeSIT has now been written into the standard communication specifications of several industry consortiums and government exchanges, thus ensuring a high degree of long-term dependence on Axway technology. PeSIT is required far more often in Europe than in the United States due to Axway’s French roots and home turf advantage.

Also like NDM, PeSIT is normally used in internal (or trusted WAN) transfers; other protocols are typically used for transfers across the Internet.

PeSIT stands for “Protocol d’Echanges pour un Systeme Interbancaire de Telecompensation” and was designed to be a specialized replacement for FTP to support European interbank transactions in the mid-1980′s.  One of the primary features of the protocol was “checkpoint restart”.    

BEST PRACTICE: PeSIT, NDM and other protocols should be avoided in new deployments unless specifically mandated by industry rule or statute.   The interesting capabilities these protocols offer (e.g., checkpoint restart, integrity checks, etc.) are now also available in vendor-neutral protocols, and from vendors who allow wider and less expensive licensing of connectivity technology than Axway and Sterling Commerce (now IBM).


mplindnerSeptember 17th, 2012 at 10:25

Actually PeSIT is an OPEN protocol, developed and specified by a consortium of French and Benelux banks in the late 1980′s/ early 1990′s. One of the first file transfer tools to implement this protocol was CFT (Cross File Transfer) by Crédintrans. In the 1990′s French Sopra Group aquired Crédintrans merged it with it’s own software development and created the new subsidiary Axway.
Today PeSIT is supported by a rather small slection of tools (among others Connect Direct Enterprise).
The main features are checkpoint restart, transfer restart, inline data integrity checking (CRC), inline compression, metadata transmission, file abstraction.
The specification of PeSIT is available via the PeSIT group (www.pesit.com).

robkemmeMarch 19th, 2013 at 06:02

PeSIT is NOT a proprietary protocol. It is an open standard, but implemented by a few vendors, not only Axway. Sterling (now IBM) also have a also have a PeSIT implementation for their Connect:Direct gateway.
Quote from the GSIT website: “File transfer protocol developed by GSIT to permit dialogue between a Centre de Traitement Bancaire-CTB (Bank Transaction Processing Centre) and its associated station. A version of PeSIT is available for use outside SIT. PeSIT is a GSIT handbook.”

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